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Monday 23 January 2012


Friday Debate 20th January Round Up: You are picking the centre midfielder for your team - big and strong or small and skilful? #grassroots

Joshua Loveridge

“small and skillfull would be my opinion. Big and strong has it's advantages but they maybe a bit more clumsy? there are pro's & con's.”

Greg Howse

“my central defender is skillfull agile and runs with the ball superbly and has chipped in with a couple of goals one when running the length of the pitch taking on five players go beth England bloxham f c girls”

Andy Lindridge

“ Ideal situation would be one of each, for example Yaya Toure and David Silva”

Richard Edwards

“A midfielder like a coach should be rounded in there abilities, thus they can support both defence and attack.”

Danny 'mancLaduk' Kevens

"Small and skillful at U8's level"

Allan Cope

“at the end of the day its up to the coach to pick best man for job"

Paul Davis

“under 14s i have a choice of both , depends on the game who we play and what the game needs”

Stuart Heggs

“Depends on the system. I'd go for big and strong in centre midfield, with small and skilfull in more advanced position.”

Steven Cookson

“Every player should be given the opportunity to play in all positions”


“It is not how big you are, it's how big you play."


“important to say that bigger stature players are still important in football but talent should be seen before size!”


“easy to bang the barca drum, but don't forget Toure, Viera, petit etc. Do hope uk philosophy changes tho, and soon!”


“strong and skilful! Needs to read the game, control it with his passing range and break up the opponents play.”


“Its up to coaches to ignore parents mentality and help integrate the small technical players into the team, results aren’t everything”


“I'm all, for all playing. However, what we don't focus on at times is the good players who are subbed for the weaker players.”


“I wonder how many amazing players we lose from the game because of our fascination with big and strong?!”


“need to both be challenged&developed in the right way. Small: assist/clever/score. Big: 1touch/intercept/Think think and think”


“Perfect player is made of 4 elements! Strength, speed, skill & intellect. The more they have of each of these the better!”


“we are trying to get kids playing football why stop people playing that's not achieving the goal”


“there are good examples of skilful players at GR problem is going to 11 a side too young develops athletes not skilled players”


“clubs missing out on a massive pool of talent by ignoring smaller kids at a young age. Kids then miss out on vital training”


“our 2 CMs are probably the smallest in the league but also are 2 of the best ball players I've seen”


“Too many young players don't make it because of size. Look at the best midfield players in the world, there not big at all."


“I think in Britain the impetus is on winning! And at grassroots level big and strong achieve winning results!”


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